Our Philosophy

We believe that God created each child as a special and unique person.
Each child can achieve full potential through encouragement and
challenge, when guided with love and patience.

We believe that children learn through “play”. Play promotes self-expression, a time to explore and discover, and provides opportunities to develop social skills. Everything the child experiences, is a part of their education.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to have a
well-balanced preschool experience regardless of social, racial, cultural,
religious or economic background.

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Our Programs

At Lions N’ Lambs we offer programs for children from 3 years old through kindergarten. Our programs are designed to accommodate a variety of student ability levels. Our goal is to promote confidence and creativity in each student as their social, spiritual and academic skills grow. We encourage our students to develop positive attitudes toward learning.

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Our Staff

Lions ‘n Lambs directors, teachers and classroom assistants are experienced and professionally trained in early childhood education. The role of teacher is that of a guide to help the child develop skills that build and strengthen the child emotionally, socially, creatively and intellectually. The faculty shares a deep concern for education and well being of young children.

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